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Montlick & Associates is a personal injury law firm based in Atlanta, GA.


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Former Employee - Attorney says

"I worked at Montlick and Associates full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management is the root of all of the problems. The company is run by outside consultants and managing attorneys who are out of touch with the law. Favoritism is a huge problem. Nepotism is a huge problem."

Former Employee - Legal Assistant says

"I worked at Montlick and Associates full-time for more than a year Cons: Where to begin... I suppose the main root of Montlick's problems are from poor management and no HR department. You will encounter rampant discrimination while working here. Everyone that's been there for awhile is aware of it, and everyone is very aware of management's delight in stirring things up. While there are many perfectly pleasant people that work here, the overall system seems to reward workers that are loyal to the firm. So if you gossip, snitch, spread rumors, act rude to anybody with a criticism then you are looked upon favorably. As for the work, about 80% of the case work is done by the assistants. But you will get a fraction of what the attorneys are paid (assistants are cheap labor!). Despite the low pay, assistants are made to take the blame for anything that goes wrong with a case. For example, the attorneys avoid taking their clients' calls at all costs. Once my assigned attorney refused to speak to one of the clients for months, and I would constantly try to get the attorney to talk to the client (even another assistant stepped in and asked the attorney to call the client). No success, and after awhile, the client got fed up (understandably) and contacted our management. Management placed all the blame me. When I explained how I had been trying for months, they didn't care. I soon noticed that management always sides with attorneys; I guess it just comes down to who is bringing in the money. Attorneys are allowed to lie, throw tantrums, and curse at assistants. It's embarrassing to work at a place that allows people to behave like this. Then there's the blatant nepotism. Almost an entire family works at the firm, and the favoritism for them and their buddies is very apparent (they even have a catchy term for the family's entitlement, which I won't share... but frankly it's just unprofessional and strange). Then there's the woman that hazes all the new people at the firm for their first 2 years. The list goes on with the amount of ridiculousness that you will have to put up with here. It's like being trapped in horrific episode of The Office."

Former Employee - Lawyer says

"I worked at Montlick and Associates full-time for more than a year Cons: Where do I begin: Senior attorneys don't know how to practice law. They could not file a lawsuit for a client if their life depended on it. Managers are rewarded for stoking negativity among the employees. I've never worked somewhere that created as hostile of an environment as this place. You are made promises about equality in the work place when you are hired, but if you point out employees aren't being treated equally, you are terminated."

Former Employee - Legal Assistant says

"I worked at Montlick and Associates full-time for more than 3 years Cons: See below. (All of the cons are management problems)"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Montlick and Associates full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Micromanagement, discrimination and harassment gone undocumented! There is no HR! No one held accountable for their actions."


"I worked at Montlick and Associates Cons: no positive feedback, no review micro manage"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Montlick and Associates full-time Cons: Management is a huge problem at this firm. They do not care about your opinions and concerns. They also micro-manage too much aka call you in for a meeting almost every other week or so even if you have been doing your work. It makes everyone at the company feel on edge constantly. It creates such a toxic environment to work in. They should do away with management period. Also, please do something about the pay. For how much work you do a the firm, the pay does not measure up. Also give more vacation hours and better health benefits. Do not work for this company if you are looking for long-term opportunities. There are no promotions and you will see a lot of people who worked the same position for more than 20 years."

Former Employee - Legal Assistant says

"I worked at Montlick and Associates full-time for more than 5 years Cons: By far the worst things about this company is the management and the benefits, or lack there of. The entire firm is ran not my the "CEO" or managing partners but by a team of outdated, lazy individuals who are neither attorneys nor paralegals. They are seriously disconnected from the work and spent their time tending to personal business all day or in micromanaging employees. They tend to gang up on employees they don't like and reward the worst ones- basically if you're not good enough to be assigned to an attorney you will become a floater or an assistant to the assistants and will be able to get away with anything! The benefits are horrendous!! No 401k contribution whatsoever!!! Health insurance is over $225/months. Only one plan is offered and it's clear it was chosen at the request/to the benefits of the attorney. If you're young and/or healthy basically expect to waste money. Pay is not competitive at all. Raised are $2k a year- if you're lucky. And NO BONUS ever! Vacation is decent but if you're out of vaca/sick time and need to be off even if it's due to an emergency they will not approve it. Work hours are very inflexible. No ability to work remotely or make up time on the off hours. You have no say what office you're assigned to. Assistants are frequently moved around and have no input and neither do the attorneys. Seriously- it's ridiculous. No room for advancement whatsoever unless you go to law school. This includes professional certifications- they will hot recognize that at all so don't expect a raise or a better position."

Former Employee - Legal Assistant says

"I worked at Montlick and Associates full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management discourages comradery among the employees. The employees are all paranoid because it is made clear that there is no job security."

Current Employee - Legal Assistant says

"I have been working at Montlick and Associates full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Prefer not to comment on the cons."

Office Assistant / Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"The supervisors were severe. Most of the attorneys were not nice. No one could be trusted. It was always a state of crisis. People were fired and replaced a lot. The pay and benefits were minimal. Work on holidays was supposed to be voluntary, but if you did not volunteer, there were consequences. Cons: everything else"

Legal Assistant/ Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Things go okay, until they realize you may be human. If you are a cold, emotionless, husk of a carbon shell, Montlick should be perfect for you! Apply within. Cons: Most everything is terrible."

Legal assistant and administrative assistant (Former Employee) says

"Micro managed and hostile work environment-especially to older workers - Once you get to the salary cap there are no more raises no matter how hard you apply yourself . However , I did learn alot about the legal profession and was very well trained by the firm. There were usually weekly firings and most assistants were continually worried about job security. Cons: hostile work environment"

Communications Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked in communications, it was okay, but did not like the micromanaging. It was overall an okay place to work. Not much room for advancement within the company unless you have a law degree. Cons: Micromanaging"

Legal assistant and administrative assistant (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work was being micro managed and subjected to scrutiny at every turn. I did learn valuable office skills and how to deal with even the most difficult clients. Management was very strict and there were very few benefits and perks for doing a very stressful job,There was no team building and people lived in fear of losing their jobs.My co-workers were the best! Everyone could not have been more pleasant and helpful. The hardest parts of the job were the tasks that were added to an already heavy workload and the demand that everything be completed ASAP yet overtime was NEVER allowed.The most enjoyable part of the job was helping clients some of whom were severely injured, and helping move their cases thru the legal system as quickly as possible so they could resume their lives. Cons: weekly firings -heavy workloads for compensation below industry standard"

Legal Assistant & Investigations Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The job itself was ok and for the most part, I was just glad to be employed! My immediate supervisor was one of the best people I ever had the pleasure of meeting."

Legal Assistant (Current Employee) says

"If you are a recent college graduate job is good for you, but I do not recommend staying too long. Most people that work there complain about each other,the day to day operations, and pay. Cons: Not enough money to go on vacation and no promotion potential"

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